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High Fashion Denim - It's a Thing!

Denim has long been a beloved wardrobe staple. Dress it up, dress it down --- no matter the fashion trend, denim always has a place. We think that is as it should be. Two things are always in style: the perfect little black dress and denim. 

It's popping up in interesting ways this season, and that gives you great versatility in how you add a new denim piece to your wardrobe. Check it out:


 Stella McCartney Fall 2016



 Adorable swing coat from

Here at Haute JS Design, we chose a clean handbag silhouette to allow denim to be the star this fall. And why choose one denim wash when you can have THREE?! True to our brand philosophy, it's chic, but it also works hard to make your life easier. Access to your phone? No problem, our denim fold over crossbody bag sneaks an exterior phone pocket into the design, so you don't have to take extra steps to check the text message you just received. It's a gorgeous, tidy little bag when that's what you need, but it can unfold and hold whatever follows the sentence, "Hey, can you put this in your purse?"  Versatility. It's what we do.

chic denim fold over crossbody handbag by Haute JS Design Denim Fold Over Crossbody by Haute JS Design

So, don't just take our word for it, have a peek at what Pop Sugar and Harper's Bazaar and others have to say, and then go add a new twist on denim to your wardrobe. Denim love for all!

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