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How to find your Adventure Babe spirit

adventure adventure in the every day

Hello, lovely Babes!!

I am positively giddy to share the NEW Adventure Babe collection with you! I love every collection, of course, but this one is especially close to my heart. This collection is all about celebrating adventure in the everyday. I believe no matter our path, we each encounter opportunities to be adventurous on the daily.

Sometimes it's easy to feel that unless we're involved in some high-flying-risk-taking quest we aren't brave, and we can start to resent our seemingly ordinary days filled with ordinary tasks. But really, some of life’s biggest moments are found in the everyday stuff. Whether you’re sleep deprived because you're caring for a loved one, or toddler life is making you say things like, “Stop licking the toilet,” or maybe you’re walking into a new job, walking down the aisle, or just out walking the dog . . . ALL of those things are adventures, too!

Even the photo shoot for this collection embodied the Adventure Babe spirit! What is the one element that is the enemy of any outdoor photo shoot? Yep, rain! And guess what it did that day. Oh yeah, big time. And yes, it was very stressful in the moment. This was my first professional photo shoot for Haute JS Design, so I found the best photographer around and flew a beautiful model (inside & out, y’all!) into town and it rained!! But, do you know what? These amazing women helped me keep it all in perspective. And do you know what else? Each time the rain stopped, the light filtering through the clouds was stunning and as a result we captured amazing photos for this collection. How perfect is that? 

Life is sweeter when we shift our focus to appreciate the random things that interrupt our plans each day. Some of them will be annoyances, but only if we choose to see them that way. If we look at everything through the lens of adventure and appreciate how spontaneous daily life can be, I promise it helps eliminate spending mental strength on things that don’t matter. This is critically important because there will be BIG things that come our way that will test us and require every ounce of mental strength we can muster. Learning to refocus on what matters provides contentment and joy to refuel us in between life’s biggest storms.

I’m not saying to quit dreaming of travel and grand destinations, obviously. We all love a spectacular view made better by those who share it with us. But what I am saying, is don’t buy into the prevalent lie that those trips are the only real adventures to be found and that everything else you’re doing is boring or worthless. In fact, the complete opposite is true. If you are present with the ones you love, you’re digging in and building relationships with great people, and you are leaning on each other when you need help --then you are already on an adventure of a lifetime, so don’t miss a minute of it!

I am so very thankful for each of you and for your willingness to share in my crazy journey!

All the love. Always.

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