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New Year + New Adventures

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Happy 2019!

The dawning of a new year is both exciting and intimidating. On one hand it’s inspiring to face a blank slate where possibilities are seemingly endless, but this idea is also what makes a new year feel  a little overwhelming. It's completely pristine with zero  scuffs or scratches.  For me, that can be a paralyzing thought!

So, how do we move past this mental block to embrace  2019 and get the most out of the next 361 days? 

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon the practice of choosing a word of intention for each year. The word you choose can serve many purposes and has broad application to multiple areas of life. Think of it as a lens through which you focus what you hope to accomplish in the new year.

For example last year I chose the word REACH. And let me tell ya,  wow! it was an incredibly powerful word. One of the most freeing things about it was the lack of  judgement. It challenged me to reach for goals and set me free from the outcome.  Simply reaching was a success. As someone who isn’t super comfortable with risk, this word pushed me. A lot. It helped me identify areas where I shrink back instead of reach --from choices that seem too risky, or excuses that keep me from reaching out to others. It was so motivational I almost chose it again for 2019! But then I asked myself, “Is that what REACH would tell me to do - to safely choose the exact same word?” Definitely not. 

My favorite thing about REACH was how it highlighted areas where I needed to focus and areas where I needed to stop getting in my own way. While this has application to business, what was most interesting last year was the way REACH  served to guide other aspects of  life as well. It applied across the board - professional life, personal life, and spiritual life. It helped me stretch and grow in all those areas. That's when it hit me -- it basically comes down to  habits. Where do I need to implement new ones and where do old ones need to end?  

I needed a new word  to incapsulate the spirit of REACH and the productivity of growth.  After much deliberation, I chose HABIT!  I can hardly wait to dig in and create better ways of doing things! When things scare me,  I tend to avoid them, but there are times when doing the scary thing is absolutely necessary. I need to create habits and structure that force me to see these decisions as part of an important process vs. an optional scary task.  I am also excited to apply new and improved habits to my spiritual walk as well. Not to mention better personal habits! (And yes, you should totally read that last one as "needs to get back on the exercise wagon!")

If you think this whole “word of the year” thing could work positively for you,  then I have a little gift I hope you'll enjoy! I created a Word of the Year FREE printable just for you! It’s designed to help you get started by figuring out your word, why you chose it, and what you hope to gain from it throughout the year. 

I hope you enjoy your FREE printable as much as I loved creating it for you!
It features several prompts to help you figure out how to apply your word, space to make notes each month, and a reflection page for the end of the year.

It also features my hand drawn doodles to keep it light and fun!
No pressure, just persistence and growth.

May we all refuse to shrink from the things that scare us and always show up for those who need us.



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